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0000791OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2013-03-19 14:24
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Summary0000791: functionObject Peclet does not work under special condition
DescriptionDear Support Team,

the function object "Peclet" does not work when no turbulence model is used as e.g. in the icoFoam solver. The problem seems to be at line 160 in Peclet.C There is no transport model "transportProperties" in the object registry, only the tranportProperties dictionary. Maybe one can replace the transportModel class by dictionary class and using simple dict.lookup("nu") to access viscosity here but "nu" still needs to be transformed into the tmp<volScalarField> nuEff.

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2013-03-19 14:24

manager   ~0002023

The best option is to setup and run the case with pisoFoam or pimpleFoam and select the "laminar" turbulence model, then all utilities relying on information provided by the turbulence model will work. icoFoam is really only a demonstration solver and not intended for production work.

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