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0003692OpenFOAMBugpublic2021-07-02 15:14
ReporterfedeAssigned Towill 
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PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version9
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Summary0003692: options "-dict" and "-case" do not work when used together in decomposePar
DescriptionIf options "-case" and "-dict" are used at the same time when decomposePar is launched, the application does not find the dictionary file. This is due to a wrong definition of the variable dictPath for this very specific case. Please find attached a file with a proposal of modification to decomposePar.C to fix the issue.

Version tested: OpenFOAM-dev, commit 261d5ccd6.
Kind regards,

Steps To Reproducecd $FOAM_TUTORIALS/multiphase/interFoam/laminar/damBreak

blockMesh -case damBreak
setFields -case damBreak

Then, none of these commands works:

decomposePar -case damBreak -dict system/decomposeParDict

decomposePar -case damBreak -dict damBreak/system/decomposeParDict

decomposePar -case damBreak -dict system/
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2021-07-02 08:41


decomposePar.C (46,374 bytes)


2021-07-02 09:49

manager   ~0012075

Your change assumes that the directory passed to `-case` is relative to the current working directory. If it is absolute, then `cwd()/caseName/dictPath` will be nonsense.

Also, I don't think we want `-dict` to be relative to `-case`. I think that's confusing, and that it would better for them both to be handled as paths that are either absolute or relative to the current working directory.

If we do that, then all that is needed is to add `dictPath.toAbsolute()` after the argument is read.


2021-07-02 12:06

reporter   ~0012076

Hi Will,
thank you very much for your hint, very helpful.
Please find attached a modified version of the working code and a script to test it.
Kind regards,


decomposePar-2.C (46,251 bytes)
Allrun.test (1,238 bytes)


2021-07-02 12:27

manager   ~0012077

Thanks, but I'm afraid this affects more than just decomposePar. The logic needs to be centralised and made consistent across a bunch of applications. There is some of this implemented in `systemDict`, but it needs extending to handle `-case` and to do the `isDir` stuff correctly. I'm working on it now.


2021-07-02 15:14

manager   ~0012078

Looking at the rest of the code, it seems to be standard that if -dict has a relative path then that path is taken to be from the case directory. If -dict is absolute, then it's just an absolute path. That wasn't my initial assumption, but it's fine as a convention as log as it's applied consistently.

So, I've enforced that everywhere. I've extended the systemDict stuff and it's now handling all -dict options in all executables. It should all be correct now.

Your test script won't work because it's assuming relative paths relative to the working directory, not the case directory. You don't need "damBreak" at the start of the relative paths (the ones without $workDir). If you remove these then it runs.

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