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0003581OpenFOAMBugpublic2020-11-23 11:31
Reportervitor.geraldes@tecnico.ulisboa.ptAssigned Tohenry 
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Product Version8 
Fixed in Version8 
Summary0003581: bug in externalWallHeatFluxTemperature BC
DescriptionThe radiation effect is not well implemented. When emissivity > 0, the temperature distribution is not well computed.
In the attached testing case is based on the following case,

The scale of the mesh was reduced by a factor of 0.01, and the bubble was removed. The external temperature was increased to 400 K.

As we can see by the simulation, before one 1 s, the internal temperature increases beyond 400 K, which is a violation of the energy balance.
Steps To ReproduceRun the scipt "Allrun" in the attached case, which uses the solver "compressibleInterFoam".
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2020-10-22 16:12


emissivityErrorTestCase.tar.gz (593,018 bytes)


2020-11-21 19:50

manager   ~0011703

How do you think radiation should be implemented in externalWallHeatFluxTemperature? Can you provide a patch?


2020-11-21 23:16

manager   ~0011728

Have you tried relaxing the radiation contribution and using more outer iterations to converge the heat transfer?

2020-11-21 23:44


externalWallHeatFluxTemperatureFvPatchScalarField.C (14,295 bytes)


2020-11-22 01:13

manager   ~0011730

The point of the current implementation is to avoid the "/(Ta-Tp+VSMALL)" which can cause serious problem, particularly if (Ta-Tp) = -VSMALL. The stabilisation will have to be done more carefully than this to avoid crashes.


2020-11-22 16:46

manager   ~0011732

If we factor (Ta^4 - Tp^4) as

    (Ta - Tp)((Ta^3 + Tp^3) + TaTp(Ta + Tp))

we can avoid the division by (Ta -Tp)


2020-11-23 11:31

manager   ~0011736

Resolved in OpenFOAM-8 by commit 132a11d3674a0bd71761bedd5d3e75d52b373b82
Resolved in OpenFOAM-dev by commit bdbb2ae0a83a5aa06ed55c472ef7dac602bcb077

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