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0003392OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2019-11-20 13:07
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Summary0003392: ISAT statistics are misleading
DescriptionIn TDACChemistryModel, the cpu time statistics generated for ISAT are a bit misleading.

Algorithm goes so that for each cell:

* If retrieve is successful, time it takes is written to cpu_retrieve
* If retrieve returns false, chemistry is solved and cpu time written to cpu_solve
* Then this solved chemistry is either added to the binary tree, or used to grow an existing binary tree. Time it takes for this operation is written to cpu_add or cpu_grow.

Currently, cpu_add and cpu_grow also includes to time for solving the chemistry cell, so cpu_add = addTime+ solveTime and cpu_grow = growTime + solveTime. When processing the statistics, especially for a parallel job where the user is trying to locate the bottleneck rank for each individual operation, this may be misleading.

Of course one can simply substract cpu_solve from cpu_add and cpu_grow for each time step, but I think cpu_add and cpu_grow should only reflect the time it takes to perform those individual operations.
Steps To ReproduceIn OpenFOAM-dev, in OpenFOAM-dev/src/thermophysicalModels/chemistryModel/chemistryModel/TDACChemistryModel/TDACChemistryModel.C , check line 697 to 734

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2019-11-20 12:27

reporter   ~0010924

This is an excellent point. The statistics would be easier to understand without accumulation in the different times. I have adjusted the code accordingly. Could you please check if it works as you think is more efficient? (see uploaded file)

TDACChemistryModel.C (23,390 bytes)


2019-11-20 12:36

reporter   ~0010925

Exactly, timeTmp (solve time) is removed from addNewLeafCpuTime and growCpuTime. We are using the ISAT logs like this and it makes more sense when benchmarking the performance.



2019-11-20 12:51

manager   ~0010927

Resolved by commit f66ea315840b4e2bfb86f522a9467adef89562a9

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