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0000321OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2011-11-10 16:41
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Summary0000321: A few typos found on and
DescriptionI've found a few typos on both websites:
* On both instructions for Source and Git installations, the section "System Requirements" properly refers to the minimum requirement of Qt 4.6.2; but on the section "Compiling Paraview 3.10.1 and the PV3FoamReader Module" it refers to Qt 3.6.2.

* On the instructions for Git installation, section "Git Software", it's not mentioned that the packages have to be installed with "root permissions". A "sort-of" hint is given in the section "Downloading the Sources" next to it, but newcomers probably won't make the connection.

* The bug report front page still has the OpenCFD logo.
  Secondly, until this page is properly repaired (more specifically mantisbt, if I'm not mistaken), a link for "show the bug tracker in a new window/tab" would be nice for users that browse with Firefox >= 4, who get stuck with the iframe "Blocked by Content Security Policy" :(

* You probably already know this, but on the features page - - there isn't any link in the list "Solver Capabilities" for DEM in "Particle methods". At least a hint indicating which solvers have this capability would be nice ;)

* On the section "Building the Sources" for the git page, it's a simple copy-paste from the "Source Pack" instructions. For example, the sentence «If you experience difficulties with building the source-pack» relates to the source-pack version, not the git version.
  Additional instructions would be welcome for when the latest git pull introduces new files that require a full (or partial) clean rebuild of the affected libraries and/or applications.
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2011-11-10 16:41

manager   ~0000799

Fixed most of the items on the list, if you have any suggestions for the last one, please submit as a bug report.

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