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0001509OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-02-25 19:32
ReporterfeymarkAssigned Tohenry 
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Summary0001509: Check mesh ***Max skewness warning
DescriptionWhen I scale down one of my meshes the Max skewness changes. The problem could be solved by using VSMALL instead of SMALL in primitiveMeshTools.C. See below.

--- a/src/OpenFOAM/meshes/primitiveMesh/primitiveMeshCheck/primitiveMeshTools.C
+++ b/src/OpenFOAM/meshes/primitiveMesh/primitiveMeshCheck/primitiveMeshTools.C
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ Foam::scalar Foam::primitiveMeshTools::faceSkewness
     // Skewness vector
     vector sv =
- - ((fAreas[faceI] & Cpf)/((fAreas[faceI] & d) + SMALL))*d;
+ - ((fAreas[faceI] & Cpf)/((fAreas[faceI] & d) + VSMALL))*d;
     vector svHat = sv/(mag(sv) + VSMALL);
     // Normalisation distance calculated as the approximate distance
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2015-02-05 13:28

manager   ~0003695

VSMALL is often too small for this kind of stabilization and leads to floating-point overflow exceptions. Have you tested this change on a range of cases with floating-point exception handling on? Also is it OK is single precision? We need to be very sure that this kind of change does not break OpenFOAM before commiting it.


2015-02-05 13:39

reporter   ~0003696

I have tried it on a number of cases with floating-point exception handling on. The thing is that in boundaryFaceSkewness VSMALL is used for the exact same type of computation. I would be surprised if the change from SMALL to VSMALL in faceSkewness would cause any problem.


2015-02-05 14:06

manager   ~0003697

That is a fair point, I will make the change in OpenFOAM-dev and include it in my tests. If all is well I will also make the change to OpenFOAM-2.3.x.


2015-02-05 19:08

manager   ~0003700

Resolved by commit 6fa7ca79e794debe18732b7adbf4d9e1834372e8


2015-02-25 15:37


We're seeing some sigfpe with VSMALL from snappyHexMesh and collapseFaces both of which create illegal meshes which then get checked and undone. ROOTVSMALL (1e-150) might be better compromise.


2015-02-25 15:44

manager   ~0003909

Does ROOTVSMALL solve this problem for your cases?


2015-02-25 18:16

manager   ~0003911

commit f33ec09da841a0f9e833612458d1fd4d8237a512

    primitiveMeshTools: VSMALL -> ROOTVSMALL


2015-02-25 19:32


Testcase just finished - fix is ok.

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