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0001288OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2014-12-18 12:26
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Summary0001288: [ReactingParcel]: Confusing variable naming for 'minParticleMass'
DescriptionAccording to the description in KinematicParcel, 'minParticleMass' denotes the "minimum particle mass".
However, in the ReactingParcel class this quantity is used as parcel, not particle mass. Also the comments in the source code are inconsistent.

The quantity has a rather big influence on spray simulation, with respect to breakup modeling and should hence be clearly defined. At a very least a note should be added in the 'sprayCloudProperties' to clarify this.



2014-05-10 15:30

reporter   ~0003051

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Just to note, the implementation itself is correct, just the naming is confusing.
Meaning, minParticleMass should be named minParcelMass for clarity.


2014-12-18 10:41

reporter   ~0003331

This issue is still present in 2.3.1.


2014-12-18 12:26

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Resolved by commit a15e16a5b7f391cf7ffee04cb16700f24ccbb215

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