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0001234OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2014-03-24 15:42
ReporterzordiackAssigned Tohenry 
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Summary0001234: reconstructPar with cyclicAMI is broken in build 2.3.x-9d0ee4591849
DescriptionI tried to run reconstructPar after successful calculation but it crashes.

I have the same case on another computer and it has been run with an older version (not exactly sure which one, date is March 11) and for that reconstructPar is working fine. It seems it's not working with build 2.3.x-4ef1b5eeb58d either, but it was working before.

The strange thing is that the calculation runs just fine with the new version and based on the cuttingplanes the results also look fine. Only reconstructing the case is not working.

Reconstructing volVectorFields

AMI: Creating addressing and weights between 6 source faces and 6654 target faces
--> FOAM Warning :
From function AMIMethod<SourcePatch, TargetPatch>::checkPatches()
in file lnInclude/AMIMethod.C at line 57
Source and target patch bounding boxes are not similar
source box span : (0.0022143419 0.00319520457 0.001766738)
target box span : (0.3591645372 0.04399999883 0.1611334531)
source box : (-0.1433046982 0.03092641575 -0.1791014874) (-0.1410903563 0.03412162032 -0.1773347494)
target box : (-0.2179735666 -0.00800000038 0.06686654698) (0.1411909706 0.03599999845 0.2280000001)
inflated target box : (-0.2377788156 -0.02780524933 0.04706129803) (0.1609962196 0.0558052474 0.2478052491)

Unable to find initial target face

From function void Foam::AMIMethod<SourcePatch, TargetPatch>::initialise(labelListList&, scalarListList&, labelListList&, scalarListList&, label&, label&)
in file lnInclude/AMIMethod.C at line 149.
Steps To ReproduceTry to reconstruct a case with cyclicAMI with recent git.
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2014-03-23 10:37

reporter   ~0002970

You can close this bug, it is the swak4Foam libs that are causing the crash, once I commented them out in the controlDict reconstructPar is working again.


2014-03-24 15:42


There is a problem with reconstructing cases with AMI - AMI expects the case to run in parallel so that the sum over all processors of the AMI covers the 'other' side. If you have an AMI where the sides are on different processors this will not be the case in reconstructPar - it handles the processors sequentially.

The workaround is to temporarily change the type of the AMI, reconstruct and change the type back.

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