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0001088ThirdParty[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-05-17 11:20
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Summary0001088: makeParaview
DescriptionThe checkversions function found in ThirdParty-2.2.2/etc/tools/ParaViewFunctions has, what I believe, a mistake on line 333. It currently reads:
if [ $QtMajor -lt 4 -o $QtMinor -lt 5 ]. This causes it to report that you have the wrong Qt version if you QtMinor is less than 5 even if your QtMajor is greate than 4. For example I am using Qt 5.1.1 and it reports that my Qt version is less than 4.5. I fixed this by make line 333 this:
if [ $QtMajor -lt 4 -o $QtMajor -eq 4 -a $QtMinor -lt 5 ]

This is an easy change and if you agree with me I know many other people would appreciate this simple change.

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2013-11-23 13:41

updater   ~0002651

From what I know (although I haven't tested this), ParaView 3.12.0 shouldn't even build with Qt 5.x. Do you mean that you managed to build it with Qt 5.x?


2015-05-17 00:36

updater   ~0004759

Related to


2015-05-17 11:20

manager   ~0004766

Resolved by commit a83623fdaf5a3ade553f0c60a80da3bfd122c178

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