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0002787OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2017-12-11 22:132017-12-12 10:35
Assigned Towill 
PlatformLinuxOSOpenSUSE LEAPOS Version42.3
Product Versiondev 
Target VersionFixed in Versiondev 
Summary0002787: CombustionModel fails when compiling
DescriptionCompilation fails when compiling the new CombustionModel class. Appears to be an error due to runTimeSelection tables, log is attached.
Steps To ReproduceFresh clone and ./Allwmake -j

I had the error when updating on my person build, but I have also done a fresh clone and build and get the same problem.
Attached Filestxt CombustionModel_log.txt (8,797) 2017-12-11 22:13

2017-12-12 08:54   
Which version of Gcc are you using?
2017-12-12 09:20   
Reproduced with 4.8.5. It's a compiler bug.

I just need to wrap the combustion make functions in the Foam::combustionModels namespace. Watch this space.
2017-12-12 10:35   
Resolved in dev by commit 68afe78b

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