Released 2020-07-22
0003675: [Bug] Undefined behavior in function Foam::ISstream::getLine (henry)
0003672: [Bug] noOrdering keyword is still present in some files of OpenFOAM 8 tutorials (will)
0003651: [Bug] Using csv files together with binary file format results in error if run in parallel (henry)
0003645: [Bug] I believe that there is a typo in both molecular weight definitions, thus neglecting phase2 W() (henry)
0003642: [Bug] Sigma XX values for plateHole Case in UserGuide are not correct (henry)
0003634: [Bug] multiphaseEulerFoam does not reproduce the analytical solution for the Sod Shock tube problem (henry)
0003626: [Bug] Search for alphac as volVectorField in DenseDragForce (will)
0003622: [Bug] Variable caluclation fails for divisions (henry)
0003609: [Feature] Included y+ function object doesnt show realtime values in simulation log (henry)
0003600: [Bug] multiphaseEulerFoam - missing Raoult model (will)
0003581: [Bug] bug in externalWallHeatFluxTemperature BC (henry)
0003480: [Bug] Error in a fomula of the lagrangian library at /PhaseChangeModel/LiquidEvaporation/LiquidEvaporation.C (will)
0003566: [Bug] Unable to run Docker image openfoam8-linux in Raspberry pi 4 with Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (henry)
0003569: [Patch] Patch to fix a bug in general distribution for Lagrangian (will)
0003564: [Bug] compiled errors while using DimensionedField<Type, GeoMesh> (henry)
0003554: [Patch] semiPermeableBaffleMassFraction includes a declaration of 'composition(...)' but not the definition (will)
0003538: [Bug] PressureDifferencePatch gives missing keyword error due to missing semicolon in .cfg (henry)
0003530: [Bug] Documentation of thermalBaffles requires adaptation to OpenFOAM v8 (henry)
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