Released 2019-07-08
0003500: [Patch] Missing touches on the update to the new CGAL and Boost header-only method (will)
0003491: [Contribution] Compilation with some Errors (will)
0003443: [Bug] nutkAtmRoughWallFunction not working properly in OpenFOAM 7 (henry)
0003414: [Bug] #includeFunc doesn't work in parallel with codeStream (henry)
0003416: [Bug] Inconsistent behavior between foamGet and findEtcDirs (henry)
0003405: [Bug] Typos in User Guide (henry)
0003389: [Bug] instantaneous reaction rate is not performed (henry)
0003371: [Bug] blockMesh quits for some combinations of vertex position and vertex / edge / face projection (henry)
0003343: [Bug] oldCellCentre calling error when using sets functionObject (will)
0003338: [Bug] porosityModel::adjustNegativeResistance doesn't properly check for when all values are negative (henry)
0003334: [Bug] renumberMesh behavior in OF7 is not consistent with the behavior in OF6. (henry)
0003316: [Bug] dynamicRefineFvMesh fails on unrefine (henry)
0003305: [Bug] Problem with TomiyamaLiftForce in Lagrangian module (will)
0003304: [Bug] fvPatchField does not have a constructor with const Type& parameter (will)
0003432: [Bug] code freeze with #calc in file included by #includeFunc in controlDict if run in parallel (henry)
0003412: [Bug] Version mismatch in simpllefoam (wyldckat)
0003324: [Bug] spray generation inconsistency (will)
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